Scott Speed

Speed Sweeps Los Angeles Double Header with Two First Place Wins

Speed sealed the deal in Los Angeles, stealing his second first-place finish of the Global
Rallycross doubleheader weekend.

The California-native now sits in the second position in the championship point standings
after his podium sweep in Los Angeles.

“It’s been a great weekend, obviously at the beginning of the season we struggled a bit, but with a new program like this you’re bound to have problems and we have had them. I think our
Beetles are dialed in, they are fast and durable, so I see us as a major threat for the championship. I couldn’t be happier, I feel so lucky to be able to drive this Merchant First Beetle and I have a great teammate, a great team and I cannot say enough good things about Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross.” – Speed

Speed Finishes 7th in Round 7 of Red Bull GRC WASHINGTON D.C.

The three-time X Games Gold Medalist finished round seven of the Red Bull Global Rallycross in the seventh position.

After an announcement made earlier this week, the five-time Global Rallycross race winner will continue to pilot the No. 41 Volkswagen GRC Beetle throughout the next two seasons.

“We put in some good, consistent laps during yesterday’s practice sessions and heat, but today just wasn’t in our favor. Bad luck built on top of bad luck, but a lot of the issues today stemmed from things we couldn’t control. On a positive note, I loved having a ton of Volkswagen guests here this weekend, just wish I would have been able to put it on the podium for them. We definitely have more speed then what was shown this weekend, so I can’t wait to unleash it in L.A.” – Speed

Scott Speed Captures Second Podium Finish in Doubleheader Weekend

Speed captured his second podium finish during round six of the Red Bull Global Rallycross doubleheader weekend in Detroit.

The California-native now sits in the fifth position in the Championship point standings.

“The first start of the day, I wish they had let that go because I think we would have had the shot to steal a win, but we re-racked them and went again. Patrick (Sandell) had us a little bit all weekend really, so he deserved to win and it was good for us to finish second. Coming away with another podium is great for our championship points, now we’ll be looking on to the DC race and hopefully a win.” – Speed